Founded in 2010, Weinan Woodking intelligent technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional provider of precision hardware, microelectronic test probes and test solutions. We are committed to developing the semiconductor test industry and gradually realizing integrated circuit test probes. And fixtures are fully localized. The company has more than 600 employees and serves more than 100 customers.
The spirit of Woodking technology: rise in difficulties, grow in anomalies, innovate in contradictions, every time we face is an opportunity for us to improve.

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Quality management policy

Quality management policy

Customer first, quality first, continuous improvement, reform and innovation

Environmental management policy

Save resources, abide by laws and regulations, prevent pollution, take precautions first

Environmental management policy
Hazardous Chemical Substance Management Policy

Hazardous Chemical Substance Management Policy

Ensure product quality meets environmental protection (RHOS) requirements


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