Founded on July 9, 2010, Weinan Woodking intelligent technology Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing of microelectronic hardware test probes and the development and application of new materials. In the field of test segmentation, it can provide customers with integrated services such as test probes, test fixtures, test equipment and test solutions.

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How should the test probe be maintained?

How to maintain the ICT test probes in the test fixture? Nowadays, the test probes are widely used by users, and various problems will inevitably occur. Then, Huaronghua Electronics will tell you how to maintain the test probes:

Foundry production capacity is tight, when will the shortage of chips be relieved?

The new round of chip shortage has affected terminal industries such as automobiles, mobile phones, and consumer electronics. As the production capacity of chip foundries is difficult to expand rapidly, industry insiders believe that this round of chip shortages may not be alleviated until the end of next year.

What is the future development trend of the probe?

With the continuous development of technology and the advent of the 5G era, there are more and more electronic products, and its applications have become more extensive. Many electronic products use a series of electronic components such as chips, circuit boards, etc. The probe industry also falls into this category.

What are the uses of test probes

Test pins, also called test probes in the industry, are divided into pogo pins (special pins) and general pins when used for PCB board testing. When pogo pins are used, a test mold needs to be made according to the wiring of the tested PCB board, and Under normal circumstances, a mold can only test one type of PCB board; when the universal pin is used, it only needs to have enough points, so many manufacturers now use the universal pin; the pogo pin is divided into PCB board probes according to the usage. Pins, ICT probes, BGA probes, PCB board probes are mainly used for PCB board testing, ICT probes are mainly used for online testing after plug-ins, and BGA probes are mainly used for BGA package testing and chip testing.

Maintenance items for high-frequency probes

1. Wire and connector maintenance method: (1) Generally, the number of locks of SMA connectors is about 500 times (if the number of times of use is exceeded, please try to eliminate and replace them to avoid abnormal test);
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